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Offre de bourses du Gouvernement Chinois


MOFCOM Scholarship is set up by Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China to further strengthen the communication and cooperation between China and other countries as well as to develop talents for developing countries. Starting from 2015, MOFCOM Scholarship mainly sponsors the young and the middle-aged talents from recipient countries to pursue their postgraduate degree education in China and entrusts China Scholarship Council to administer the Scholarship.
I.Supporting categories, duration of scholarship and instruction language
MOFCOM Scholarship supports Master’s program for 2-3 years or PhD program for 3-4 years. Scholarship winners must register for English-taught program if such program is available. When only Chinese-taught program is available, students should take Chinese language training courses for one to two years before moving on to their degree study.
II. Where & When to Apply
The Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office ECCO of the Chinese Embassy in your country will be open for application until 30th April 2017.

III. Eligibility
To be eligible, applicants must:
-be a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China, and be in good health;
-be a bachelor’s degree holder when applying for master’s program;
-be a master’s degree holder when applying for doctoral program;
-be under the age of 45 when applying;
-have sufficient English or Chinese proficiency which meets the academic requirements of the program. English: IETS 6.0 or above, Chinese: HSK level 4 score180 or above, or other evidence which indicates your English or Chinese proficiency is adequate.

IV. Scholarship Coverage
-tuition waiver;
-teaching material fee waiver;
-research and survey fee waiver;
-dissertation guidance fee waiver;
-one-off resettlement fee:
3000RMB per master student,
3000RMB per PhD student;
-on-campus accommodation;
3000RMB per month per master student,
3500RMB per month per PhD student;
-medical insurance
-one-time round-trip international airfare for all the students First time fly to China after enrollment, and Fly back to home country while graduation, and a maximum of “n-1” “n” is for the length of schooling year which is set while the student was enrolled by the program round-trip international airfares for home visits one time per year set at the end of an academic year.
V.Application Documents written in Chinese or English
Application Online
1. Application Form for MOFCOM Scholarship;
Ensure you have both submitted it online and printed the hard copy via or
For more application instructions, please check Attachment I.
2. Photocopy of highest diploma;
3. Photocopy of academic transcripts;
4. A Study Plan or Research Proposal with a minimum of 400 words;
5. Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form;
6. Photocopy of English or Chinese proficiency;
7. Photocopy of a valid passport.

Submission Offline
1.Submit all the application materials listed above in both hard copy and scanned copy to the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of Chinese Embassy before 30th April, 2017. Hard copy must include both the original copy and the photocopy, as indicated above. For emails and addresses of the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Offices, please visit
2.Submit a written request to the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of Chinese Embassy for an official recommendation letter and clearly state:
a Whether the applicant is willing to be considered for a similar program at other universities if the applied programs could not accept the applicant.  
b Other special requests if any.
a All the documents to be submitted should be in Chinese or English. Otherwise, a notarized copy in Chinese or English is required.
b An original copy of degrees, transcripts, Foreigner Physical Examination Form and language certificates must be presented for on-site verification.
c Applicants will get back all the hard-copy materials, both original copies and photocopies from the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office. If admitted, they must take the documents to China and submit them to the University during on registration in early September. 
VI. Placement
Each applicant can choose one same major in three universities out of the 26 designated universities as their desired option. CSC will place each applicant in one university only based on their desired option and universities’ requirements.

VII. Admission & Registration
Scholarship winners will get the admission package from ECCO of the Chinese Embassy by the end of August, 2017, and must register at the host university before the deadline which is usually September, 2017.

Attachment 1
Instructions of the CSC Online Application System
for MOFCOM Scholarship
Step 1: Visit or and click “Application Online for International Students”.
Step 2: Read “Tips for online application” carefully before clicking “NEXT” to the registration page.
Step 3: Log in with your user name and password. For new user, please click “Create an account” for registration.
Step 4: Fill in the correct Program Category and Agency Number. An Agency Number represents a specific application receiving agency and a correct choose of Program Category is necessary before filling in the Agency Number. Please make sure you fill it in correctly, otherwise you will not be able to continue your online application or your application will not be accepted.
Your 'Program Category' is: Type A and 'Agency Number' is:00010. Once the correct 'Agency Number' is entered, the name of the agency will automatically emerge.
Step 5: Fill in the Online Application Form and Upload Supporting Documents truly, correctly and completely following the steps listed on the left of the page.
Applicants are required to choose a discipline before choosing their majors. Please refer to the Disciplines Index, which could be downloaded from Help, if you have any doubt about the disciplines and majors.
Step 6: Check each part of your Application carefully before submitting it. Click Submit to submit your Application.
Step 7: You can make changes to your application by clicking Withdraw and Edit the Application on the top of the page. But make sure to submit it again by clicking Submit after finishing all the changes. Otherwise, the retrieved application will become invalid and your new application will not be received either.
Step 8: Download the completed Application Form by clicking Print the Application Form and print two hard copies.
Step 9: Prepare other supporting documents as required and send the full package of application documents both hardcopies and scancopies to the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office ECCO of the Chinese Embassy.

Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer 11.0. Menu ion functions may not work in other browsers.
Only Chinese and English are accepted for the online application.

Attachment 2


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ويجب حسب المراسلة أن تلحق كل التكوينات المقترحة في الدكتوراه حسب الشعبة لمدرسة الدكتوراه التي تمثل شبكة موضوعاتية تهدف إلى الاستعمال المشترك للوسائل والتجانس في مواضيع البحث المقترحة وفق القائمة المحددة من طرف الوصاية.

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